Under 21? Many of the recitals are all ages. Some are 21 and over — and others are 18 and over. We hope to see you all, but please check with the venue to verify which ages are permitted to attend.

Thursday May 22    Club Helsinki Hudson NY  Doors open @ 6:00 PM    21+

Friday May 23    Highline Ballroom NYC  Doors open @ 6:00 PM   Show @ 7:30 PM

Thursday September 11    Annual Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Authorship Conference Overture Center  Madison, WI


Audience audio and video taping of recitals is permitted for private and non-commercial
trading only. All commercial rights to the tape belong to Rasputina. Anyone selling live recordings of
recitals for commercial profit will be hunted down and publicly humiliated!

Please send a copy of any tape or CD to:

c/o Virtual Label
323 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

No electrical power line or taping area will be provided. House rules apply — audio and video taping is subject to the restrictions and policies of each venue. The enjoyment of all attendees takes precedence over the desires of any taper.