Great American Gingerbread
Rasputina Rarities & Neglected Items (2011)

Pudding Crypt

I Go To Sleep (The Pretenders cover)

Do What I Do

Black Hole Hunter

Black Hole 2


Death at Disneyland


Children’s Reform Center

Coraline (from Where’s Neil When You Need Him?)

Ballad of Lizzie Borden

Mysterious Man-Monkey

A Skeleton Bang (from Colours Are Brighter)

On My Knees (from the film On My Knees by Kim Wood)

Sister Kinderhook (2010)

Sweet Sister Temperance

A Holocaust of Giants

The 2 Miss leavens

My Night Sky

Olde Dance

Humankind as the Sailor

Calico Indians

Snow-Hen of Austerlitz

Dark February

Utopian Society

Afternoon of the Faun

Kinderhook Hoopskirt Works

Meant to be Dutch

This, my Porcelain Life


Oh Perilous World CD Booklet

Oh Perilous World (2007)

1816, The Year Without a Summer

Choose Me For Champion

Cage In a Cave

Incident In a Medical Clinic

Draconian Crackdown

Child Soldier Rebellion

Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken

Old Yellowcake Breaking News

In Old Yellowcake

We Stay Behind

A Retinue Of Moons / The Infidel In Me

The Pruning


Melora Creager - Perplexions

Perplexions (Melora Creager, 2006)

Girl Lunar Explorer


Sky Is Falling

Border Village


American Girl

Itinerant Airship


Rasputina - A Radical Recital

A Radical Recital (2005)

Saline the Salt Lake Queen


Howard Hughes

Sign of the Zodiac

Secret Message

Watch T.V.

Hunter’s Kiss

Things I’m Going To Do

If Your Kisses Can’t Hold The Man You Love

Any Old Actress

Rose K.

The Mayor

Momma Was An Opium Spoker

Wicked Dickie

When I Was A Young Girl


Rock and Roll

A Quitter

High On Life


Rasputina - Frustration Plantation

Frustration Plantation (2004)

Doomsday Averted

Secret Message

Possum of the Grotto

If Your Kisses Can’t Hold The Man You Love

The Mayor

When I Count…

High On Life

Wicked Dickie

My Captivity By Savages

Saline the Salt Lake Queen

Oh Injury.

When I Was A Young Girl

Momma Was An Opium Spoker

Nov. 17dee

Girls’ School


Rasputina - The Lost & Found

The Lost & Found, 2nd Edition (2003)

Bad Moon Rising

Wish You Were Here


Fire & Ice

This Little Piggy

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Rock and Roll


Rasputina - Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever (2002)

Gingerbread Coffin

Thimble Island

State Fair

Sweet Water Kill (The Ocean Song)

Remnants of Percy Brass



PJ + Vincent & Matthew + Bjork

My Orphanage

Cross Walk

Hunter’s Kiss

Our Lies



A Quitter


Rasputina - My Fever Broke

My Fever Broke (2002)

At the State Fair with a White Trash Sucker

SweetWaterKill (Soft Kill R-Mix)

State Fair (Tweaker Remix)


Deep in the SweetWater

The Fox in the Snow

State Fair (Tweaker Ambient Remix)


Rasputina - How We Quit the Forest

How We Quit the Forest (1998)

The Olde Headboard


You Don’t Own Me

The New Zero

Rose K.

Dwarf Star

Sign of the Zodiac


Herb Girls of Birkenau


Christian Soldiers

Things I’m Gonna Do

Diamond Mind

How We Quit the Forest

Watch T.V.


Rasputina - Thanks for the Ether

Thanks for the Ether (1996)

My Little Shirtwaist Fire



Transylvania Concubine

Why Don’t You Do Right?

Mr. E. Leon Rauis

The Donner Party


Brand New Key


Howard Hughes

Sister Sleep

Five Fleas

Any Old Actress

Dig Ophelia

Kate Moss

Rusty the Skatemaker

Trust All-Stars

Melora Creager, limited edition Recordings:

Melora a la Basilica (live duets w/Daniel De Jesus)

The Willow Tree Tryptich (3 ancient folk songs titled The Willow Tree)

Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs (self-explanatory)

The Pregnant Concert (a full live show from September 2009.